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Making sure that your company or business stays at the top of the industry takes time, patience, and the right methodology to improve its processes and performance. For the latest, Lean Six Sigma is the best option you can go for if you are located in Winston Salem. The general concept of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is that it is a process improvement methodology, but more than being a simple way to achieve this goal, the beauty about it is all the objectives you achieve in the process.

6 Sigma is focused on reducing waste, eliminating variations and defects, focus on customer requirements, and find problems along with their root causes to determine solutions for them. Thanks to this, it is how companies and businesses are able to improve processes and their performance but also integrate a flexible culture into their structures. But how can a company implement Six Sigma and how long does it take to obtain results?

LSS North Carolina-Winston-salem-NC

Any business aiming to obtain the benefits from the methodology will need well-trained, qualified, and experienced consultants in the area that can handle all the tasks and processes that come with it, know what tools are the best to use, and can promise results in no time. Our role at Lean Six Sigma Experts of North Carolina is to be the consultants you need but also the professionals who can provide you more solutions and services according to your needs and goals.

Integrating Six Sigma is not new for us nor difficult since we have been delivering consulting services for over 10 years and during this time, companies have only accomplished great results for their growth and improvement. But what do we mean with other solutions and services? Implementation is not everything about Six Sigma since experts in it need to be trained properly and certified to fulfill their roles, and we play the role of offering LSS training and certification for those interested in building a career with the methodology.

How to Access Our Services

If you are in Winston Salem, it is as simple as calling or emailing us. Also, our offices are located in common areas to make sure anyone can visit us without struggling to find them. More than thinking about how you can reach out to us, it is a matter of thinking about why would you choose us as your experts. The main reason we can give you is the fact we care about you and do not want to help you achieve standard results due to a general strategy we use with everyone else.


No, if you contact us and need our assistance, expect it to be based on your company’s needs or your personal interest in the methodology. Lean 6 Sigma cannot be integrated into a business with the same tools or plans but rather with those that are perfect for the situation and objectives of your company in specific, and this is for what we will aim all the time. But what about training? Besides being available online and in-person, we offer the three main belts: yellow, green, and black.

And having the opportunity to get certified when you complete any of them is what puts us at the top of the courses and training options available in the city and throughout the state of North Carolina. Therefore, make sure to contact us and ask for our services, details about our experts, and let us know any doubts you might have.

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