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Organizations, businesses, and schools in Wilmington have something in common: they understand that integrating Lean Six Sigma into their processes or options for students is the best choice they can make. With that said, what makes LSS so relevant nowadays? Especially for schools since the methodology is only implementing in companies or businesses instead of education institutions?

More than being a benefit for schools, it is a great benefit for students in order to learn about the methodology and be able to develop valuable skills that will help in their professional but also personal lives. For companies and businesses, it is a matter of obtaining the benefits that come with the methodology naturally: process improvement, waste reduction, eliminate variations, customer satisfaction, and many more.

LSS North Carolina-Wilmington-NC

Lean 6 Sigma is not new and you will notice it with simple research. It was created in the 1980s as a way to compete with the Kaizen methodology from Japan and so far, it has given excellent results for companies in the USA and other countries to stay competitive in the industries they are part of. But what does it take to implement Six Sigma and guarantee the business is able to achieve all its objectives and benefits? The right experts and professionals.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of North Carolina, we strive to offer several services that cover all the needs of companies and even schools when it comes to this methodology. Consultants, training, certifications, special programs for high school students, and more are available for anyone in Wilmington.

How to Choose the Right Service

You always choose solutions and services based on your needs and goals, and this is something some companies and businesses tend to forget. Therefore, whenever you are considering Lean 6 Sigma, think “For what do I need it?” If you are a business trying to achieve process improvement, Lean Six Sigma consulting services are usually the best option since companies get access to reliable consultants who know how to assess their processes, follow LSS steps, and make sure to use the right tools.

For those that are just trying to learn about 6 Sigma and finally be able to work with it within a company, LSS training is the right way to go. Just make sure to think about the specific training option since they consist of the belts (levels) in the methodology: yellow is for beginners, green for those looking to have more involvement in projects and start fulfilling leadership roles, and black belt for those looking to be leaders, mentors, and supervisors.

The certification service is required if you decide to get trained in any of the previous belts in order to demonstrate compliance and understanding of the methodology, which can be issued by our experts. When you make up your mind, feel free to contact us at Lean Six Sigma Experts of North Carolina, or do it to have our experts helping you in determining the best solution for your situation.

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