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Implementing Lean Six Sigma can be simple with the right experts in charge of the projects and tasks involving the process but for it, companies and businesses will need to rely on consulting services 90% of the time. If you own a business and are trying to achieve process improvement and have better results with your performance and products, Six Sigma is the best methodology you can integrate nowadays, but finding the experts for it can be difficult in North Carolina. More than being an issue to locate companies or experts in it, it is a matter of knowing how reliable they are and if you are able to pay for their services.

LSS North Carolina-Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean 6 Sigma is not incredibly expensive, but it does require investment when it comes to hiring talent that can integrate into a company. This is why many organizations decide to go for a second option: develop the talent, but it can take longer and it is a bet in the long run. Hiring talent means you will rely on consultants and professionals that offer services in the methodology while developing is to take the time to give access to LSS training to a part of your employees. Both alternatives are viable and good, but the one you end up choosing will depend on a few aspects:

  • Your budget.
  • The time you have to start obtaining results.
  • How you want to approach it.
  • If you are looking for experienced professionals or are willing to hire beginners.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of North Carolina, we offer both solutions to organizations and businesses. However, we usually recommend going for consulting services if the results need to be obtained as fast as possible and a team of well-qualified professionals is required.

What Does A Lean Six Sigma Consultant Achieve?

Handling Lean 6 Sigma includes more than just following steps from the methodologies or using random tools to solve certain problems and situations. Knowing what to use, creating strategies and projects, measuring their success and effectiveness, along with many other responsibilities and tasks are included in implementing the methodology. Therefore, an entire team is always necessary but when starting, it is possible to have one or two experts handling the responsibilities.

With that said, Six Sigma consultants are able to handle it all without any issues. Unlike individuals trained in certain levels of Sigma—or belts—, consultants have made sure to learn everything about it and keep updated with changes and additional tools, which means there is no one more prepared than them to handle the easiest to the most complicated tasks during integration. This means they are able to help a company that is starting from zero with the methodology or one that has been having problems moving forward with it. And the best part is that results will be achieved in a matter of weeks instead of months compared to the other option of training employees.

But specifically, what will a Lean Six Sigma consultant handle with his or her knowledge? The usual tasks include all Six Sigma objectives and steps that are necessary to achieve them:

  • Control quality management.
  • Identify problems and root causes.
  • Find solutions.
  • Reduce waste by knowing the production and all processes involved.
  • Eliminate variations.
  • Focus on customer requirements and establish strategies to meet them.
  • Create process maps.
  • Integrate flexibility and change.

The latest objective is what most companies struggle with since it is not simple to make changes and even keep them going over the years. However, any organization that decides to integrate Sigma needs to understand that changes go hand-to-hand with the methodology and they are quite required if you want to notice positive changes and improvement. With that said, a consultant will be able to achieve all this for you and even include more goals that go according to your business and needs. And in our case, we can have our consultants offering training to your workers if you are interested in developing talent but do not have enough time for it yet.

Are Lean Six Sigma Consultants Expensive?

This is the main issue when choosing consulting services: they can be expensive. A company’s budget is not always up for hiring consultants considering the fact that many expenses are included in daily operations and needs. Also, if the company is just starting or small, it is very hard for it to consider Lean Six Sigma in the first place, but it would be a great investment whatsoever. Then, should you give up on the idea? Not quite.

Our consultants—in particular—have different rates and we are confident you will find some that are affordable and can promise you the results you need. Not all consultants are the same and indeed, some have more experience than others. However, we have made sure to only have those with great records and results working with us, which means you can expect the best for your company despite this and still save money thanks to how the rating system works. Therefore, the short answer is that they are indeed expensive, but with us, you will not have to worry about this big issue that refrains most companies from implementing Six Sigma.


In order to access our consultants, we only need to know what your company is about or if you are actually looking for implementation. After all, consulting is not only about handling the entire process but also delivering guidance and advice for you to handle the methodology if necessary. This means you can contact us and ask our LSS consultants to go and be the team you need, or just deliver the advice required for you to move forward.

With that said, do not hesitate to rely on us regardless of your location and expect our experts to offer more than the previous tasks we mentioned since it is possible for them to:

  • Maintain changes and improvements.
  • Plan more strategies to integrate continual improvement.
  • Customer retention.
  • Guarantee employees are more involved with the methodology but also in the company’s growth.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.